REWAH (Princely State)

(17 gun salute)

AREA: 33,670 km2 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 1,000,000  ACCESSION: 1st January 1950
STATE: Madhya Pradesh  DYNASTY: Vaghela (Solanki)  RELIGION: Hindu
PRESENT RULER: HH Maharaja PUSHPRAJ SINGH, 36th Vaghela (Solanki) ruler (1995)
born 1960.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state was founded circa 1140. The chiefs of Rewa were Baghel Rajputs descended from the Solanki clan which ruled over Gujarat from the tenth to the thirteenth century. Vyaghra Deo, brother of the ruler of Gujarat, is said to have made his way into northern India about the middle of the thirteenth century and obtained the fort of Marpha, 18 miles north-east of Kalinjar. His son Karandeo married a Kalchuri (Haihaya) princess of Mandla and received in dowry the fort of Bandhogarh which, until its destruction in 1597 by Akbar was the Baghel Capital. In 1298, Ulugh Khan, acting under orders of emperor Alauddin drove the last Baghel ruler of Gujarat from his country and this is believed to have caused a considerable migration of the Baghels to Bandhogarh. Until the 15th century the Baghels of Bandhogarh were engaged in extending their possessions and escaped the attention of the Delhi kings, in 1498-9, Sikandar Lodi failed in his attempt to take the fort of Bandhogarh. Rulers were...

  1. Raja SHAKTIVAN 1499
  2. Raja VEER BHAN
  3. Raja RAMCHANDRA 1555/1592
  4. Raja BIRBHADRA (son) 1592/1618, 19th Raja of Bandhogarh.
  5. Raja VIKRAMADITYA 1618/1630, his accession gave rise to disturbances, Akbar intervened and captured and dismantled the Bandhogarh fort in 1597 after a siege of eight months. It is after this that the town of Rewa started gaining in importance. It is said to have been founded by Raja Vikramaditya in 1618 (which perhaps means that he undertook the construction of palaces and other buildings there because the place had already assumed importance in 1554 when it was held by Jalal Khan son of emperor Shershah).
  6. Raja AMAR SINGH 1630/1643, married and had issue.
    • Rais FATEH SINGH, rebelled against his father and established himself in Sohawal.
  7. Raja ANOOP SINGH 1643/1660
  8. Raja BHAV SINGH 1660/1690
  9. Raja ANIRUDH SINGH 1690/1700
  10. Raja AVDHUT SINGH 1700/1755, the state was sacked by Hirde Shah of Panna in about 1731, causing the Raja to flee to Pratapgarh in Oudh.
  11. Raja AJIT SINGH 1755/1809
  12. Raja JAI SINGH 1809/1835, in 1812 a body of Pindaris raided Mirzapur from Rewa territory. Upon this Jaisingh was called upon to accede to a treaty, in which he acknowledged the protection of the British Government, and agreed to refer all disputes with neighbouring chiefs to their arbitration and to allow British troops to march through or be cantoned in his territories. 
  13. Raja VISHWANATH SINGH 1835/1854, married and had issue. He died 1854.
    • HH Maharaja RAGHURAJ SINGH Bahadur (qv)
    • Daughter, married Maharaja RAM SINGH II of Jaipur.
    • Daughter, Maharaj Mahabat Singh of Jodhpur.
  14. HH Maharaja RAGHURAJ SINGH Bahadur 1854/1880, born 1834, at the mutiny of 1857, Maharaja Raghuraj Singh helped the British in quelling the uprisings in the neighbouring Mandla and Jabalpur districta, and in Nagod which is now a part of Satna district, for this, the Maharaja was rewarded by restoration to him of the Sohagpur (Shahdol) and Amarkantak parganas, which had been seized by the Marathas in the beginning of the century, Maharaja [cr.1857], married eight wives, including HH Maharani Appala Kondyamba, daughter of Maharaja Mirza Pusapati Sir VIJAYARAMA GAJAPATHI Raju Bahadur of Vizianagram, and had issue. He died 5th February 1880.
    • Lt.Col. HH Maharaja Sir VENKATARAMAN SINGH Ju Deo Bahadur (qv)
    • Daughter, married Maharaj Kishore Singh of Jodhpur.
    • Daughter, married 1903, HH Maharao Raja Sir RAGHUBIR SINGHJI Sahib Bahadur of Bundi. She died 1904.
  15. Lt.Col. HH Maharaja Sir VENKATARAMAN SINGH Ju Deo Bahadur (1876-1918)Lt.Col. HH Maharaja Sir VENKATARAMAN SINGH Ju Deo Bahadur 1880/1918, born 23rd July 1876, G.C.S.I. [cr.1897], married 1stly, the daughter of Maharaja Sir RADHA PRASAD SINGH Bahadur of Dumraon in Bihar, married 2ndly, the daughter of HH Maharaja RANJIT SINGH of Ratlam, died 1913, married 3rdly, the daughter of a Parihar Thakur in Oudh, and had issue. He died 3rd November 1918.
    • HH Bandhvesh Maharaja Sir GHULAB SINGH Bahadur (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Ravendra Ramanuj Prasad Singh, born 10th January 1917.
    • Daughter, married 1922 HH Maharajadhiraj Sri SADUL SINGH of Bikaner.
  16. HH Bandhvesh Maharaja Sir GHULAB SINGH Bahadur 1918/1946 (deposed 30th January 1946), born 12th March 1903, married 1stly, 15th June 1919, HH Bandhveshwari Shri Maharani Sahiba Samrajyi Kunwar of Jodhpur, married 2ndly, 18th February 1925, the daughter of HH Maharaja MADAN SINGH of Kishangarh, and had issue. He died 13th April 1950.
  17. HH Maharaja MARTAND SINGH 1946/1995, born 15th March 1923, elected to the Fifth, Seventh and Eighth Lok Sabha representing Rewa Parliamentary Constituency of Madhya Pradesh during 1971-1977 and 1980-1989. An agriculturist and businessman by profession, he was Raj Pramukh of Vindhya Pradesh. He was a very popular and active social worker. As a philanthropist, he built hospitals, dispensaries and organised camps for providing medical aid to indigent and sick people. He donated his palace at Satna and other properties for establishment of educational institutions like Banaras Hindu University and College in Satna. A widely travelled person, he evinced keen interest in the fields of sports, education, photography, archaeology and wildlife preservation. He established and developed National Park at Bandhogarh. He had served as a member of All India Wildlife Preservation Board and as the Director of Madhya Pradesh Udyog Vikas Nigam, Bhopal. He also made special efforts for development of irrigation, industries, transport, electrification and rail services in his area, married 1943, HH Maharani Pravin Kunverba of Kutch and had issue. He died 20th November 1995 at Rewah.
  18. HH Maharaja PUSHPRAJ SINGH (son) (see above)

SOHAWAL (Princely State)

AREA: 666 km2 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 25,900  ACCESSION: 1st January 1950
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Vaghela (Solanki) RELIGION:Hindu

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in the 16th Century. This was a small sanad state of about 213 square miles, separated into two sections by the Kothi state. Its founder Fatehsingh was one of the two sons of Maharaja Amarsingh of Rewa. He had revolted against his father in the sixteenth century. Originally the state was of considerable extent including Birsinghpur, Kothi and other tracts in the neighbourhood. On the rise of Panna under Chhatrasal, Sohawal became a tributary but retained its independence. Later on, however, Jagatrai and Jirdeshah, sons of Chhatrasal, actually seized much of its territory, while the Kothi chief, taking advantage of these disturbances, threw off his allegiance, and attacked and killed the Sohawal chief, Prithipal Singh. On the establishment of British supremacy in nineteenth century, Sohawal was first held to be subordinate to Panna. But a separate around was granted to Rais Amansingh in 1809 on the ground that, the state had existed before Chhatrasal's rise to power and had remained independent throughout the supremacy of Alibahadur of Banda. 

  • Rais FATEH SINGH, founder of Sohawal, fl.16th century.
  • ......
  • Rais LAL AMAN SINGH 1809
  • Rais RAGHUNATH SINGH -/1830
  • Interregnum 1830/1833
  • Rais AMAN SINGH 1833/1840
  • Rais SHEO SINGH 1840/1865
  • Raja SHER JANG BAHADUR SINGH 1865/1899, born 5th January 1853, succeeded 1st November 1865, the title of Raja was granted as a personal distinction only.
  • Raja BHAGWANT RAJ BAHADUR SINGH 1899/1930 C.I.E. [cr.1916], born 7th August 1878 and succeeded 23rd November 1899.

LUNAWADA (Princely State)

(9 gun salute)

Area:  1,005 km2 Privy Purse:  Rs 131,000R  ACCESSION:  10th June 1948
STATE:  Bombay DYNASTY:  Solanki RELIGION:  Hindu
Population:  76,000 (1892)    
(Fateh Bagh Palace, Lunavada 389230, Gujarat, India)
born 14th October 1934 in Lunawada, married 31st May 1957 in Bhadrajun HH Maharani Paras Kumari and has issue.
  • Maharajkumari Harendra Kumari

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY:  Founded in 1434. Rulers were ....

  • Rana PARTAB SINGHJI fl.1803
  • Rana FATEH SINGHJI bef 1812/aft 1821 , married 1821 Rani Chiman Kunwari of Pratapgarh.
  • Rana DALPAT SINGHJI -/1867
  • Rana DALEL SINGHJI 1852/1867
  • HH Maharaja WAKHAT SINGHJI DALILSINGHJI (son) 1867/1929 , born 11th August 1860, succeeded 7th October 1867, K.C.I.E. [cr.1889], married and had issue. He died 27th April 1929.
    • Yuvaraj Ranjitsinhji Wakhatsinhji, married and had issue. He died vp.
      • Maharajkumar Harischchandrasinhji Ranjitsinhji (4th son), born 27th August 1924, married 2ndly 11th August 1980, Rani Himmat Kunwarba Sahiba, daughter of Major HH Maharana Shri Maharaja Shri Raj Sir GHANSHYAMSINHJI AJITSINHJI Sahib Bahadur of Dhrangadhra. He died 3rd December 1987.
  • Col. HH Maharaja Sri VIRBHADRASINHJI RANJITSINGHJI 1929/1986 , born 8th June 1910 and invested with full ruling powers 2nd October 1930, Member of the Chamber of Princes, married HH Maharani Munher Kunwari of Wankaner and had issue. He died 1986.
    • Maharaj Pushpendrasinhji Virbhadrasinhji Solanki, married the daughter of Leela Mulgaonkar and Sumant Mulgaonkar [Moolgaokar] of Telco fame and chief of the Central Social Welfare Board.
      • Rajkumari Meenakshi Devi, married 1991, Rajkumar Vijit Singh of Jaipur.

MEHSANA (Thikana) 

LOCATION:  Gujarat (Patan) DYNASTY:  Vaghela (Solanki) RELIGION:  Hindu

PRESENT RULER: Shri Thakur UPENDRA PRATAP SINGH VAGHELA (SOLANKI), Thakur of Mehsana, since 1998.
born 28th March 1974 in Indore (M.P.), M.B.B.S. (U.S.S.R.), married 14th March 2003, Smt Thakurani Bhawna Upendra Pratap Singh Vaghela of the Nayee gadi family near Rewa, and has issue.

  • Kunwar Yuvraj Singh Vaghela (Solanki), born 5th August 2005.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY:  The family is a branch of the Solanki (Chalukya) dynasty of Gujarat. 

  • Rao KESARDEV SINGH 1520/1562
  • Rao NAR SINGH 1562/1598
  • Rao SHAKTI SINGH 1598/1630
  • Rao NAR SINGH 1630/1680
  • Rao DEVARDEV SINGH 1680/1734, received the Thikana of Bavan Khera, comprising 52 villages.
  • Rao RAM BAHADUR SINGH 1734/1758
  • Rao SANGRAM SINGH 1758/1791
  • Rao KHURDAN SINGH 1791/1814
  • Rao GANGA PRATAP SINGH 1840/1876
  • Rao DEVRAJ SINGH 1876/1890
  • Rao UNDRADEV SINGH 1890/1918
  • Rao BHIMSEN 1918/1938
  • Rao RAM SINGH 1938/1940
  • Shriji Thakur GAJENDRA SINGH 1940/1949
  • Shriji Thakur JAIDEV SINGHJI 1949/1998, born 11th November 1945, Government Officer and Executive Engineer in P.W.D., married Smt Thakurani Shakuntla Jaidev Singh Vaghela, and had issue. He died 1998.
    • Thakur Pushpraj Singh
    • Thakur Vijayendra Singh
  • Shriji Thakur UPENDRA PRATAP SINGH VAGHELA (see above)

NASVADI (Princely State)

AREA:  51 km2 PRIVY PURSE:  ??  ACCESSION:  ??
STATE:  Gujarat DYNASTY:  Solanki RELIGION:  Hindu
married Thakurani Indira Kunvar, daughter of Maharaj Shri Shambhu Singh of Dhranghadra, and has issue.
  • Kumari Meera Devi, born 1969, married, Thakur Shri Shakti Singhji Rathore of Verabar (Gujarat).
  • RK Anirudh Singh, born in 1973, married 2003, Kumari Nimisha, daughter of Thakur Shri Mahendra Singh of Uprain (MP).
  • RK Kirtiraj Singh, born 1974, married 2002, Kumari Priyanka, daughter of Thakur Shri Jayvijay Singh of Varsoda (Gujarat).

  • Thakur Shri MANSINGHJI, born 1880, married and had issue.
    • Thakur Saheb Chhatrasinghji Mansinghji, born 11th April 1918, married 1stly, Thakurani Gulab Kunvar of Raj Samadhidiya, married 2ndly, Thakurani Vijay Kunvar of Gad Boriad, and had issue (by 1st wife).
      • Thakur Shri GHANSHYAM SINGH (qv)
      • Thakur Surendra Singh
      • Rani Priyamvada Kumari, married Maharaj Indrajeet Singh of Jodhpur, and has issue.
  • Thakur Shri RANJITSINHJI, born 24th March 1905 and succeeded 13th September 1927.
  • Thakur Shri KISHORESINGHJI MANSINGHJI 1929 , born 12th March 1917 and succeded 28th June 1929, 
  • Thakur Shri GHANSHYAM SINGH (see above)